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Castlenet Announces Industry's First DOCSIS / EURODOCSIS 2.0b EMTA CBV734EW with Integrated Channel Bonding Technology


Castlenet Technology Inc., a global leader in broadband communications manufacturer, today announced the industry's first DOCSIS / EURODOCSIS 2.0b EMTA CBV734EW with integrated channel bonding technology. Channel bonding is a DOCSISR 3.0 feature that dramatically increases the transmission speed of entire cable network, enabling multi service operators (MSOs) to migrate to an all- Internet Protocol (IP) network platform. Addressing voice, video and data, the all-IP network enables MSOs to provide significant benefits such as additional cable and local broadcast channels, content flexibility and improved network efficiency.

Castlenet CBV734EW Channel bonding EMTA(Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adaptor) combines several DOCSIS / EURODOCSIS channels together to significantly increase data rates when compared to the speed of today's cable modems. Announced today is the Castlenet new product, CBV734EW EMTA, which incorporates with state-of-the-art CATV controller. This new product can support up to 120 Mbps / DOCSIS 、 150Mbps / EURODOCSIS downstream data rates, enabling next generation media centers to support an all-IP network platform, Moving to an all IP-based platform for voice, video, and data content helps to decrease MSOs network operating costs while enabling the network to support fast high-definition video downloads, high bit rate services and other IP voice and video services. Not only CBV734EW equipped with Gigabit Etherent port 、 Fast Etherent port 、 USB2.0 、 IEEE802.11g WIFI connection but also provided with 2 ports of FXS (Foreign Exchange Subscriber) enabling VoIP service for different MSO network requirement , SIP or MGCP. By adding on features-rich based VoIP protocol stack , Castlenet Technology Inc. provides tailored made customization to fit all various softswitch interoperability so as to smooth MSO VoIP rolling up services.

Product Information

Castlenet Technology Inc. CBC734EW is a highly integrated EMTA which integrates multi-QAM demodulators, DOCSIS 2.0b/3.0 cable modem technology, USB 2.0 MAC and PHY, a 10/100 Fast Ethernet MAC (media access controller) and PHY (physical layer device) , Gigabit etherent MAC and PHY, WIFI MAC and RF and dual SLIC for FXS connectivity. Castlenet CBV734EW is potential to provide extreme fancy services based on Castlenet long term experiences and the know-how to MSO service criteria and expectation.The CBV734EW is typical ideal for current broadcast solutions as well as for future channel bonded IP-based networks.

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Castlenet Technology Inc. is a global leader in broadband communications manufacturer. Our products enable the convergence of high-speed data, high definition video, voice and audio at home, in the office and on the go. Castlenet provides Teleco and MSO of networking equipment, digital entertainment and broadband access products with the industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art techniques.