Customized and flexible development 


The excellent ability of team work is boosted by the establishment of software development centers in Wuhan, which provide clients worldwide with dynamic and flexible customization service.


Quality production control 


CastleNet has production lines in both Taiwan and Kunshan, where the performance is revealed in regard to: “Time to Market, High Quality, Cost Down”. In addition to providing stable and flexible productivity, the China Plant has passed the ISO 9001/ISO 14001 & QC080000 certification, in striving to achieve the goals of improving flow control and customer response system for high quality.


Versatile manufacturing ability 


CastleNet has established a leading manufacturing ability in the “Time to Market, High Quality, Cost Down” aspects. With the advantage of batch production by the China Plant, we actively expand the production line of our market niche and thoroughly improve the productivity and flexibility. Over recent years, we have separated from the operation mode of pure processing and are now heading towards the path of high added value and high gross profit.


Global marketing layout 


The international marketing team from CastleNet can help our clients to successfully distribute the products over the global market. Through cooperation with partners worldwide, users of CastleNet products cover corporations, government and households in Europe , USA , Japan and Korea .


Commitment to professional cooperation


CastleNet is committed to establishing long-term cooperation with our business partners so that we can grow together at each stage. In addition, we continue to provide professional technology and manufacturing with both quality and cost efficiency, so people can enjoy the digital life of greater convenience with products that have greater added value.




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